[ pawr-gee ]
/ ˈpɔr gi /

noun, plural (especially collectively) por·gy, (especially referring to two or more kinds or species) por·gies.

a sparid food fish, Pagrus pagrus, found in the Mediterranean and off the Atlantic coasts of Europe and America.
any of several other sparid fishes, as the scup.

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Origin of porgy

1715–25; porg(o), variant of pargo (< Spanish or Portuguese < Latin pag(a)rus kind of fish < Greek págros, variant of phágros) + -y2

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British Dictionary definitions for porgy


/ (ˈpɔːɡɪ) /

noun plural -gy or -gies

Also called: pogy any of various sparid fishes, many of which occur in American Atlantic watersSee also scup, sheepshead
any of various similar or related fishes

Word Origin for porgy

C18: from Spanish pargo, from Latin phager type of fish, from Greek phagros sea bream

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Word Origin and History for porgy



name given to various sea fishes, 1725, probably from pargo "sea bream" (1550s), from Spanish or Portuguese pargo, from Latin phagrum (nom. phager), from Greek phagros "sea bream."

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