port authority


  1. a government commission that manages bridges, tunnels, airports, and other such facilities of a port or city.

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Example Sentences

“The intent was always to do a statewide program with a national player,” said Winston, who pledged the port authority will exercise oversight over the program.

The port authority and Ygrene both plan to charge administrative fees on the sale of bonds made up of individual loans.

The port authority has sought partnerships with the same companies that contributed to Missouri’s crisis and to widespread problems in Florida and California, the other states with statewide programs.

Marine Highway 5 could solve at least part of that problem, port authorities say.

Wildstein looks exactly like how an upstanding and non-political Port Authority official later described him.

With that sort of play—with Port Authority—all that happens is that they say stuff.

“A single toll lane operation invites potential disaster,” wrote Jerry Quealch of Port Authority planning and operations.

The recipient, a Christie troll at the Port Authority named David Wildstein, emailed back at 7:35 a.m., only a minute later.

I wrote a fair amount back in my New York days about the Port Authority, which on the whole is a great organization.

At twelve, all hands were mustered amidships and numbered by the port authority, and one was missing.

The base itself, from which the commercial launching service would operate, might be modeled after a port authority.

We hurried our breakfast amid these criticisms, as the port authority was expected.

The Port Authority has full powers to authorize construction works.

That port-authority person called again about two hours back, and it began to dawn upon me that we were done for.





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