[pawr-tl, pohr-]


a door, gate, or entrance, especially one of imposing appearance, as to a palace.
an iron or steel bent for bracing a framed structure, having curved braces between the vertical members and a horizontal member at the top.
an entrance to a tunnel or mine.
Computers. a website that functions as an entry point to the Internet, as by providing useful content and linking to various sites and features on the World Wide Web.

Origin of portal

1300–50; Middle English portale < Medieval Latin, noun use of neuter of portālis of a gate. See portal2
Related formspor·taled, por·talled, adjective

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[pawr-tl, pohr-]Anatomy


noting or pertaining to the transverse fissure of the liver.


Origin of portal

First recorded in 1605–15, portal is from the Medieval Latin word portālis of a gate. See port4, -al1
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entrance, opening, entryway, ingress, gate, entry, gateway, doorway

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an entrance, gateway, or doorway, esp one that is large and impressive
any entrance or access to a place
computing an internet site providing links to other sites


  1. of or relating to a portal veinhepatic portal system
  2. of or relating to a porta

Word Origin for portal

C14: via Old French from Medieval Latin portāle, from Latin porta gate, entrance
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Word Origin and History for portal

late 14c., "gate, gateway," from Old French portal "gate" (Modern French portail) and directly from Medieval Latin portale "city gate, porch," from neuter of portalis (adj.) "of a gate," from Latin porta "gate" (see port (n.1)).

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portal in Medicine




Of or relating to a porta or hilum.
Of or relating to the portal vein or the portal system.
Of or relating to a point of entrance to an organ, especially the transverse fissure of the liver, through which the blood vessels enter.


The portal vein.
The point of entry into the body of a pathogenic microorganism.
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portal in Culture


A Web site that provides a gateway to other Web sites.

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