or porte-co·chère

[ pawrt-koh-shair, -kuh-, pohrt- ]
/ ˌpɔrt koʊˈʃɛər, -kə-, ˌpoʊrt- /


a covered carriage entrance leading into a courtyard.
a porch at the door of a building for sheltering persons entering and leaving carriages.

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Origin of porte-cochere

1690–1700; < French: gate for coaches

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/ (ˌpɔːtkɒˈʃɛə) /


a large covered entrance for vehicles leading into a courtyard
a large roof projecting over a drive to shelter travellers entering or leaving vehicles

Word Origin for porte-cochere

C17: from French: carriage entrance, from porte gateway + coche coach

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Word Origin and History for porte-cochere



gateway for carriages, 1690s, from French porte-cochère, from porte "gate" (see port (n.2)) + cochère, fem. adjective from coche "coach" (see coach (n.)).

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