posse comitatus

[ pos-ee kom-i-tah-tuh s, -tey- ]
/ ˈpɒs i ˌkɒm ɪˈtɑ təs, -ˈteɪ- /


the body of persons that a peace officer of a county is empowered to call upon for assistance in preserving the peace, making arrests, and serving writs.
a body of persons so called into service.

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Origin of posse comitatus

1620–30; < Medieval Latin: posse of the county

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Examples from the Web for posse comitatus

  • All he did was to reduce the report of the doctors to writing, and to return to his office with his posse-comitatus at his heels.

British Dictionary definitions for posse comitatus

posse comitatus

/ (ˌkɒmɪˈtɑːtəs) /


the formal legal term for posse (def. 1)

Word Origin for posse comitatus

Medieval Latin: strength (manpower) of the county

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