[ puh-zest ]
/ pəˈzɛst /


spurred or moved by a strong feeling, madness, or a supernatural power (often followed by by, of, or with): The army fought as if possessed. The village believed her to be possessed of the devil.
self-possessed; poised.

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    possessed of, having; possessing: He is possessed of intelligence and ambition.

Origin of possessed

First recorded in 1525–35; possess + -ed2

Related formspos·sess·ed·ly [puh-zes-id-lee, -zest-lee] /pəˈzɛs ɪd li, -ˈzɛst li/, adverbpos·sess·ed·ness, nounnon·pos·sessed, adjectiveun·pos·sessed, adjective

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British Dictionary definitions for possessed by


/ (pəˈzɛst) /


(foll by of) owning or having
(usually postpositive) under the influence of a powerful force, such as a spirit or strong emotion
a less common word for self-possessed
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Word Origin and History for possessed by



"controlled by an indwelling demon," 1530s, past participle adjective from possess (v.).

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Idioms and Phrases with possessed by

possessed by

Driven by, obsessed with, as in He was possessed by the idea of becoming a millionaire. This idiom employs possess in the sense of “dominate one's thoughts or ideas,” a usage dating from the late 1500s.

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