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[ pos-uh-blee ]


  1. perhaps; maybe:

    It may possibly rain today.

  2. in a possible manner:

    She has all the money she can possibly use.

  3. by any possibility:

    Could you possibly check this information for me?


/ ˈpɒsɪblɪ /

sentence substitute

    1. perhaps or maybe
    2. ( as sentence modifier )

      possibly he'll come


  1. by any chance; at all

    he can't possibly come

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Word History and Origins

Origin of possibly1

First recorded in 1350–1400; Middle English; possible + -ly

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Example Sentences

If, however, you find that you aren’t all that concerned with becoming the biggest you can possibly be, then the resolution of this fight could very well be walking away altogether.

From Fortune

“We are at—possibly—the loneliest time in human history,” Chesky declares.

From Fortune

One day we were talking how that could possibly happen and how much effort it would take to be a con man and keep all the stories straight.

From Vox

The positives outweigh the negatives, but you can’t possibly be the first and think that it’s going to go swimmingly for you.

From Ozy

It seems like a lot of clients are possibly in some kind of internal fight to get budgets signed off.

From Digiday

Meanwhile, in Florida, Bush was flooded with questions about whether gay marriage could possibly come to the Sunshine State.

Who among Scalise's constituents could possibly care if he supported naming a post office for a black judge who died in 1988?

Within hours, thousands of Iranians challenged the foreign minister on social media asking how that could possibly be.

Hollywood might possibly fear North Korean sleeper cells capable of blowing up theaters that screen anti-Nork films.

Their reward: what is possibly the most infuriating series finale of the new millennium.

Davy walked through the door-way and found himself in the oddest-looking little country place that could possibly be imagined.

It is probable that Mlle. Mayer came under the influence of Prud'hon as early as 1802, possibly before that time.

Alice Arden, you little dream of the man and the route by which, possibly, deliverance is speeding to you.

Possibly, he would not shy at such monstrosities after twenty miles of a lathering ride.

He could not possibly doubt or question, and shame flooded him till he felt himself the meanest man alive.


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