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poster child


  1. a child appearing on a poster for a charitable organization.
  2. a person or thing that exemplifies or represents:

    She could be a poster child for good sportsmanship.

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Word History and Origins

Origin of poster child1

First recorded in 1990–95

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Example Sentences

Instead, she found that the super plastic became the poster child for protecting human bodies.

From Ozy

Didi, until recently a poster child of China’s rising tech dominance, faces antitrust charges.

From Ozy

In recent years, Amazon has become the corporate poster child for automation in the name of efficiency — often at the expense of workers.

From Vox

As the “Saudi Arabia of natural gas,” Pennsylvania has been the poster child for the fracking industry.

Senesh, who’d joined the Allied forces, became a poster child showing that they did.

From Time

“EOTS is a poster child for one of the ills of the acquisition process,” the official said.

They have made Keystone XL the poster child of their climate-change efforts.

Her giggles, her beautiful beaming face – Anne Marie would be my Ebola poster child.

In the process, 25-year-old Hayward has become a transgender poster child, at least to Mormons.

Use him as the poster child for a nasty, devilish lobbying group being the de facto fourth branch of government.


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