potassium chlorate

  1. a white or colorless, crystalline, water-soluble, poisonous solid, KClO3, used chiefly as an oxidizing agent in the manufacture of explosives, fireworks, matches, bleaches, and disinfectants.

Origin of potassium chlorate

First recorded in 1880–85

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How to use potassium chlorate in a sentence

  • White Gunpowder: a mixture of potassium chlorate, potassium ferrocyanide, and sugar.

  • Chloratzit: potassium chlorate or perchlorate, aryl nitro-bodies, resins, and carbohydrates.

  • Rackarock, rak′a-rok, n. an explosive of potassium chlorate and nitro-benzol.

  • During the process of fusion potassium chlorate is added, by which means the yield of alizarin is considerably increased.

    Coal | Raphael Meldola
  • A new application for caustic soda and potassium chlorate necessitated an increased production of these materials.

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British Dictionary definitions for potassium chlorate

potassium chlorate

  1. a white crystalline soluble substance used in fireworks, matches, and explosives, and as a disinfectant and bleaching agent. Formula: KClO 3

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