[ pot-fool ]

noun,plural pot·fuls.
  1. the amount that can be held by a pot.

Origin of potful

1350–1400; Middle English. See pot1, -ful

usage note For potful

See -ful.

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How to use potful in a sentence

  • A very small bit of this chestnut grated into a kettle would make a potful of porridge.

  • We should have been most thankful for a big potful of coffee, but there was no wood with which we could make a fire.

    The Aztec Treasure-House | Thomas Allibone Janvier
  • When they cooked a dish of mush or a potful of porridge that was to do for all six of them, the child swallowed it all by himself.

    The Norwegian Fairy Book | Clara Stroebe
  • So, early this morning, I was called upon to contribute a shukka for another potful of the potent liquor.

    How I Found Livingstone | Henry M. Stanley
  • Pat had just concocted their potful of turtle soup, and had some yams roasting in the embers.

    The Three Admirals | W.H.G. Kingston

British Dictionary definitions for potful


/ (ˈpɒtfʊl) /

  1. the amount held by a pot

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