[ pot-oh ]
/ ˈpɒt oʊ /

noun, plural pot·tos.

any of several lorislike, African lemurs of the genera Perodicticus and Arctocebus, especially P. potto, having a short tail and vestigial index fingers.
the kinkajou.

Origin of potto

1695–1705; < Dutch, said to be < Wolof pata tailless monkey
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/ (ˈpɒtəʊ) /

noun plural -tos

a short-tailed prosimian primate, Perodicticus potto, having vertebral spines protruding through the skin in the neck region, native to tropical forests in West and Central Africa: family Lorisidae
golden potto another name for angwantibo
another name for kinkajou

Word Origin for potto

C18: of West African origin; compare Wolof pata type of tail-less monkey
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