adjective, pot·ti·er, pot·ti·est.

Chiefly British Informal. slightly insane; eccentric.
British. paltry; trifling; petty.

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Origin of potty

First recorded in 1855–60; pot1 + -y1



noun, plural pot·ties.

a seat of reduced size fitting over a toilet seat, for use by a small child.
a small metal pot fitting under a potty-chair.
Baby Talk. a toilet.

Origin of potty

First recorded in 1840–50; pot1 + -y2

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adjective -tier or -tiest British informal

foolish or slightly crazy
trivial or insignificant
(foll by about or on) very keen (about)
Derived Formspottiness, noun

Word Origin for potty

C19: perhaps from pot 1

noun plural -ties

a child's word for chamber pot
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