[ pee-oh-vee ]


  1. a specified or stated manner of consideration or appraisal; standpoint:

    From a publicity POV, this tour could be a big success, even if it doesn't make much money.

  2. an opinion, attitude, or judgment:

    Her POV on the new location is that it's going to bring more business in.

  3. the position of the narrator in relation to the story, as indicated by the narrator's outlook from which the events are depicted and by the attitude toward the characters:

    It starts from the POV of a woman in a village where a knight visits.

  4. a method of shooting a scene or film that expresses the attitude of the director or writer toward the material or of a character in a scene:

    It's shot in a POV that gives the viewer a feeling of intimacy with the performer.

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Word History and Origins

Origin of POV1

First recorded in 1965–70; by abbreviation from point of view ( def )

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Example Sentences

Finally an app that combines the selfie with a POV shot that almost makes the former socially acceptable.

One example that captures this general POV can be found in the ever-growing comments section of a recent Daily Mail article.

And even from a hard-right POV, the nation has many redeeming characteristics.

He also had a POV video game called School Shooter that allows the player to gun down students with gruesome results.

All I knew was that it was a new director filming his POV line for a website he was working on.

Pov′erty-strick′en, Pov′erty-struck, reduced to a state of poverty: in great suffering from poverty.

La lern‑ant‑o‑j pov‑as ordinar‑e kompren‑i, leg‑i, skrib‑i kaj parol‑i ĝin en tre mal‑long‑a temp‑o.

Pov' négresse, Miché, w'at nevva done nutt'n' to nobody on'y jis sell calas!