power dive

  1. a dive, especially a steep dive, by an aircraft in which the engine or engines are delivering thrust at or near full power.

Origin of power dive

First recorded in 1925–30

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[ pou-er-dahyv ]

verb (used with or without object),pow·er-dived or pow·er-dove, pow·er-dived, pow·er-div·ing.Aeronautics.
  1. to cause to perform or to perform a power dive.

Origin of power-dive

First recorded in 1935–40

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How to use power dive in a sentence

  • Then it dropped by the nose, and started howling seaward in a vertical power dive.

    Dave Dawson with the R.A.F | R. Sidney Bowen
  • Flight Lieutenant Wiggins had shoved the control stick forward and was dropping the Wellington down into a roaring power dive.

    Dave Dawson with the R.A.F | R. Sidney Bowen
  • The Solarite flashed down in a power dive—down with a sickening lurch.

    The Black Star Passes | John W Campbell
  • Something inside my brain was sucking all my strength in one tremendous, surging power-dive of wish fulfillment.

    The Very Black | Dean Evans
  • The slow drop turned into a power dive and the jungle billowed up.

    Deathworld | Harry Harrison

British Dictionary definitions for power dive

power dive

  1. a steep dive by an aircraft with its engines at high power

  1. to cause (an aircraft) to perform a power dive or (of an aircraft) to perform a power dive

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