power saw

  1. a saw driven by a motor.

Origin of power saw

First recorded in 1955–60

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[ pou-er-saw ]

verb (used with object),pow·er-sawed, pow·er-sawed or pow·er-sawn, pow·er-saw·ing.
  1. to cut with a power saw.

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How to use power saw in a sentence

  • Smugglers wielding demolition tools and power saws have been cutting through at particularly high rates along that span, according to agents, requiring frequent repairs.

  • Then power saw that he had been using a bundle of newspapers as a cushion.

  • A power-saw was set in the end of the shed, a grinding mill in the granary, and a fodder-cutter in the forage barn.

    The Fat of the Land | John Williams Streeter
  • And he remembered feeding the trunk of that very tree into the power saw for lumber.

    Eight Keys to Eden | Mark Irvin Clifton
  • Lea was standing by the body when he came back, holding up the small power saw with a rotary blade.

    Sense of Obligation | Henry Maxwell Dempsey (AKA Harry Harrison)