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power structure


  1. the system of authority or influence in government, politics, education, etc.:

    The state elections threatened to upset the existing power structure.

  2. the people who participate in such a system:

    She hoped to become a part of the power structure.

power structure


  1. the structure or distribution of power and authority in a community
  2. the people and groups who are part of such a structure

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Word History and Origins

Origin of power structure1

First recorded in 1945–50

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Example Sentences

As the Texas power grid labored, its human power structure flickered.

The Trust SD Coalition lobbied hard and found sympathetic members of the City Council willing to champion their cause within the power structure.

In interviews, Powell has said that she “heard a video of somebody ordering ballots from China” and that her team was “essentially fighting the entire globalist elite power structure” to defeat fraud.

Policing is meant to contain and control the people who pose the greatest threat to the power structure.

From Vox

These revelations are the latest in a years-long recalibration of workplace hierarchies and power structures.

From Fortune

And from their power structure within the prisons they manipulate and control events on the streets.

For example, it views comedian and Last Week Tonight host John Oliver as a credible threat to the Thai power structure.

And yes, that authoritarian, patriarchal guru-power structure, invariably, always leads to abuses.

If Assad falls and a new government is formed by Sunni rebel forces, Iran loses a keystone in its regional power structure.

They also enjoy strong relations with the power structure in Washington, Silicon Valley, Hollywood and Wall Street.

But once new circumstances emerge, the underlying structure reflected in the power structure undergoes change as well.


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