power supply


  1. a device that provides power to electric machines, generators, etc.

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Example Sentences

Demand began to rise sharply, and as reserve power supplies were used up, ERCOT told utilities to “shed load,” or cut off customers, to keep the system from crashing.

Those managing our grid and power supply are, by and large, not preparing for the extreme weather events that will become more common with climate change.

The company is seeking a lead engineer to integrate “audio drivers, tuners, speakers, microphones, wired buses, power supplies, wireless communication, and antennas” into autonomous systems.

From Fortune

The city of Ponce was pounded by 174 mph winds, extreme rainfall and widespread flooding, and the hurricane crippled our power supply and back up reserves.

From Ozy

These include New York and Texas, which are exploring how to leverage devices like connected thermostats to better manage their power supply.

From Fortune

Whether a cutoff in the power supply is successful depends on whether the nuclear facility has a backup power supply.

This has sparked concerns that Japan could suffer a power supply shortage for an extended period.

At the same time, three of them built up a high-voltage, battery-operated power supply to charge the filter elements.

The water for the power supply was obtained from the river Thames, and was pumped into the tank over the engines.

In this separate room was the emergency power supply for the base.

One huge bar ran into the power room itself, and plugged into the huge power-coil power supply.

Several electric power supply companies have been established in the United Kingdom to give practical effect to these principles.


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