[ pou-wou ]
/ ˈpaʊˌwaʊ /


verb (used without object)

to hold a powwow.
Informal. to confer.

Origin of powwow

1615–25, Americanism; < Narragansett (E spelling) powwaw Indian priest (and the identical word in Massachusett) < Proto-Algonquian *pawe·wa he dreams (used as a derived agent noun meaning “he who dreams”, i.e., one who derives his power from visions)
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British Dictionary definitions for powwow


/ (ˈpaʊˌwaʊ) /


a talk, conference, or meeting
a magical ceremony of certain North American Indians, usually accompanied by feasting and dancing
(among certain North American Indians) a medicine man
a meeting of or negotiation with North American Indians


(intr) to hold a powwow

Word Origin for powwow

C17: from Algonquian; related to Natick pauwau one who practises magic, Narraganset powwaw
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