Praetorian Guard

nounRoman History.
  1. the bodyguard of a military commander, especially the imperial guard stationed in Rome.

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How to use Praetorian Guard in a sentence

  • Directly the deed is done, the Praetorian Guard shall raise the cry: 'The Cæsar is dead!'

    "Unto Caesar" | Baroness Emmuska Orczy
  • He entered his tribune preceded by an escort of his Praetorian Guard with flying standards.

    "Unto Caesar" | Baroness Emmuska Orczy
  • We are at one in this: the Praetorian Guard will follow my dictates, the patriciate of Rome will bow the knee to thee.

    "Unto Caesar" | Baroness Emmuska Orczy
  • There he went to the south-western entrance, where two of the Praetorian Guard were keeping watch in shining armor.

  • The mob repelled the Praetorian Guard, but the execution of the hated minister Cleander quieted the tumult.

British Dictionary definitions for Praetorian Guard

Praetorian Guard

  1. the bodyguard of the Roman emperors, noted for its political corruption, which existed from 27 bc to 312 ad

  2. a member of this bodyguard

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Cultural definitions for Praetorian Guard

Praetorian Guard

[ (pree-tawr-ee-uhn) ]

In the ancient Roman Empire, the emperor's bodyguard.

Notes for Praetorian Guard

The term is sometimes applied to the inner circle of advisers to a major political figure.

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