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verb (used with object)British Slang.
  1. to collide with; bump into.

  2. to destroy or severely damage by a bombing raid; bomb (an enemy target).

  1. to destroy or shoot down (an enemy aircraft).

Origin of prang

First recorded in 1930–35; imitative

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How to use prang in a sentence

  • Mr. Suwarree prang had been eloquent on that very subject one afternoon not very long ago.

    Gray youth | Oliver Onions
  • Perhaps, if it came to the next worst, he was prepared to accept the foisting of prang upon him and to take his chance.

    Gray youth | Oliver Onions
  • I asked Mr. prang, rather scornfully, you know; and really I was sorry for the poor fellow, having to apologize for his country.

    Gray youth | Oliver Onions
  • Edgar was talking in low tones to Cosimo, and Amory thought she heard the name of Mr. prang.

    Gray youth | Oliver Onions
  • "Well, there's prang's article," he said in his business voice.

    A Crooked Mile | Oliver Onions

British Dictionary definitions for prang


/ (præŋ) mainly British slang /

  1. an accident or crash in an aircraft, car, etc

  2. an aircraft bombing raid

  1. an achievement

  1. to crash or damage (an aircraft, car, etc)

  2. to damage (a town, etc) by bombing

Origin of prang

C20: possibly imitative of an explosion; perhaps related to Malay perang war, fighting

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