1. existing or occurring before an election

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Example Sentences

It was a dramatic shift from pre-election polling, which had McAuliffe up by seven points for most of the last week.

The biggest pre-election issue, Haredi sponging and shirking of military service, was captured by Yair Lapid.

While there is no evidence that Sharpton participated in any of these pre-election activities, he was a leader in the Beatty army.

Both accepted that Obama faced a political imperative, in this pre-election year, to announce a sizable pullout of U.S. troops.

Second, despite some pre-election hype, New York's 26th isn't one of the most Republican districts in the country.

During those few pre-election weeks the New York end of us seemed to have petered out completely.

All were inexperienced and the society did not flourish and although 1900 was election year no pre-election pledges were obtained.

At any rate, Hindoo is a man who has mastered the pre-election style of the President.

This was in all probability connected with the Duma pre-election campaign.

For her these pre-election days were discouraging and frustrating.