[ preb-uhnd ]

  1. a stipend allotted from the revenues of a cathedral or a collegiate church to a canon or member of the chapter.

  2. the land yielding such a stipend.

  1. a prebendary.

Origin of prebend

1375–1425; late Middle English prebende<Medieval Latin prēbenda, variant of praebenda prebend, Late Latin: allowance, neuter plural gerundive of Latin prae(hi)bēre to offer, furnish, equivalent to prae-pre- + -hibēre, combining form of habēre to have, hold

Other words from prebend

  • pre·ben·dal [pri-ben-dl, preb-uhn-], /prɪˈbɛn dl, ˈprɛb ən-/, adjective

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How to use prebend in a sentence

British Dictionary definitions for prebend


/ (ˈprɛbənd) /

  1. the stipend assigned by a cathedral or collegiate church to a canon or member of the chapter

  2. the land, tithe, or other source of such a stipend

  1. a less common word for prebendary

  2. Church of England the office, formerly with an endowment, of a prebendary

Origin of prebend

C15: from Old French prébende, from Medieval Latin praebenda pension, stipend, from Latin praebēre to offer, supply, from prae forth + habēre to have, offer

Derived forms of prebend

  • prebendal (prɪˈbɛndəl), adjective

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