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[pree-key-vuh, -kah-]
noun, plural pre·ca·vae [pree-key-vee, -kah-vahy] /priˈkeɪ vi, -ˈkɑ vaɪ/.
  1. See under vena cava.
  2. (in squids) either of a pair of veins that pass through the kidney to the branchial heart.
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Origin of precava

1865–70; pre- + (vena) cava
Related formspre·ca·val, adjective

vena cava

[vee-nuh key-vuh]
noun, plural ve·nae ca·vae [vee-nee key-vee] /ˈvi ni ˈkeɪ vi/. Anatomy.
  1. either of two large veins discharging blood into the right atrium of the heart, one (superior vena cava or precava) conveying blood from the head, chest, and upper extremities and the other (inferior vena cava or postcava) conveying blood from all parts below the diaphragm.
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Origin of vena cava

First recorded in 1590–1600, vena cava is from the Latin word vēna cava hollow vein
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British Dictionary definitions for precava

vena cava

noun plural venae cavae (ˈkeɪviː)
  1. either one of the two large veins that convey oxygen-depleted blood to the heart
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Word Origin

Latin: hollow vein
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Word Origin and History for precava

vena cava


Medical Latin, from Latin vena "vein" (see vein) + cava, from cavus "hollow" (see cave (n.)).

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precava in Medicine


(prē-kāvə, -kä-)
n. pl. pre•ca•vae (-vē)
  1. superior vena cava
Related formspre•caval adj.

vena cava

n. pl. venae ca•vae ()
  1. Either of the two venae cavae, designated inferior and superior.cava
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precava in Science

vena cava

[vēnə kāvə]