verb (used with object), pre·clud·ed, pre·clud·ing.

to prevent the presence, existence, or occurrence of; make impossible: The insufficiency of the evidence precludes a conviction.
to exclude or debar from something: His physical disability precludes an athletic career for him.

Origin of preclude

1610–20; < Latin praeclūdere to shut off, close, equivalent to prae- pre- + -clūdere, combining form of claudere to shut, close
Related formspre·clud·a·ble, adjectivepre·clu·sion [pri-kloo-zhuhn] /prɪˈklu ʒən/, nounpre·clu·sive [pri-kloo-siv] /prɪˈklu sɪv/, adjectivepre·clu·sive·ly, adverbun·pre·clud·a·ble, adjectiveun·pre·clud·ed, adjectiveun·pre·clu·sive, adjectiveun·pre·clu·sive·ly, adverb

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Historical Examples of precluded

  • The steep rocky shores have precluded the formation of terraces.

  • It follows that judgments are precluded and criticism is silenced.


    William Graham Sumner

  • As noise was precluded there was nothing left for her but this dumb show.

    The Faith Doctor

    Edward Eggleston

  • The cost of former editions ($14) precluded many from possessing it.

  • There was that in the personality and the vehemence of the man that precluded opposition.

    The Blind Spot

    Austin Hall

British Dictionary definitions for precluded


verb (tr)

to exclude or debar
to make impossible, esp beforehand
Derived Formsprecludable, adjectivepreclusion (prɪˈkluːʒən), nounpreclusive (prɪˈkluːsɪv), adjectivepreclusively, adverb

Word Origin for preclude

C17: from Latin praeclūdere to shut up, from prae in front, before + claudere to close
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Word Origin and History for precluded



1610s, from Latin praecludere "to close, shut off; hinder, impede," from prae- "before, ahead" (see pre-) + claudere "to shut" (see close (v.)). Related: Precluded; precluding.

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