[ pri-del-uh; Italian pre-del-lah ]
/ prɪˈdɛl ə; Italian prɛˈdɛl lɑ /
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noun, plural pre·del·le [pri-del-ee; Italian pre-del-le]. /prɪˈdɛl i; Italian prɛˈdɛl lɛ/.
Fine Arts. the base of an altarpiece, often decorated with small paintings or reliefs.
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Origin of predella

First recorded in 1840–50; from Italian, from unattested Langobardic predel, pretel, derivative of pret- “board,” from Germanic bret-, source of Old High German brët (German Brett ), Old English, Old Saxon bred “board, plank”); conformed in Italian to the diminutive suffix -ella; see -elle,board
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British Dictionary definitions for predella

/ (prɪˈdɛlə, Italian preˈdɛlla) /

noun plural -le (-liː, Italian -le)
a painting or sculpture or a series of small paintings or sculptures in a long narrow strip forming the lower edge of an altarpiece or the face of an altar step or platform
a platform in a church upon which the altar stands

Word Origin for predella

C19: from Italian: stool, step, probably from Old High German bret board
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