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/ ˈprɛfrəblɪ; ˈprɛfərəblɪ /


  1. ideally; by preference; if one had a choice

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Example Sentences

The essence of nearly every Disney film is that women need saving, preferably by a man from a superior social and economic class.

Tell me something interesting—preferably funny—about Horace Greeley.

Let the flower crown represent you, or rather go on and represent the flower crown—preferably on a farm somewhere.

Preferably Latin and Greek to let you comprehend where our civilization came from.

After writing all day I sometimes want to watch a whole lot of British TV, preferably set at Oxford, with dead bodies turning up.

Time is an object, but if Greece came in, preferably via Enos, the problem would be simplified.

Who hath passed over the sea, and found her, and brought her preferably to chosen gold?

Whereas her first impulse had been to awaken someone, preferably Sir Lucien, now her sole desire was to escape undetected.

But early in this venture, I must get me a pony—a pinto, preferably—small enough for me to ride and big enough to go places.

It should be remembered that in the best houses the bedrooms were preferably in the second story of the peristyle.