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[ pree-hi-stawr-ik, -stor-, pree-i- ]


  1. of or relating to the time or a period prior to recorded history ( def ):

    The dinosaur is a prehistoric beast.

  2. Slang. outdated; passé:

    My mom has these prehistoric ideas about proper dress.


/ ˌpriːhɪˈstɒrɪk /


  1. of or relating to man's development before the appearance of the written word
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Derived Forms

  • ˌprehisˈtorically, adverb
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Other Words From

  • prehis·tori·cal·ly adverb
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Word History and Origins

Origin of prehistoric1

First recorded in 1850–55; pre- + historic
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Example Sentences

This was said about reviving 30-foot-tall prehistoric predators, but it’s also a solid idea to keep in mind when you’re editing images.

Just an expanse of strangely beautiful rock formations and badlands, the legacy of a prehistoric swamp.

I spent a lot of time imagining prehistoric people and trying to get into their heads.

There were then simply more humans to invent, increasing the odds of a prehistoric Steve Jobs or Leonardo da Vinci.

Explore all sorts of ocean environments, including prehistoric seas and the Arctic.

From Ozy

Wicca is an ancient belief system that originated in prehistoric times.

The massive inflatable structure is filled with multi-colored light and takes a prehistoric yet futuristic shape.

At ground level: comically huge, flat-leafed plants that look like they come from a prehistoric diorama.

This brilliant video takes a scientific look at the “giant prehistoric sea-monster that absorbed massive amounts of radiation.”

A terrible storm melts the polar ice caps, unleashing a group of prehistoric creatures called Aurochs.

Prehistoric man believed that if he ate anything its virtue passed into his physical system.

No one who visits Salisbury will forget Stonehenge, the most remarkable relic of prehistoric man to be found in Britain.

This rude and small race continued until a late period of prehistoric time.

The geraniums were great trees, his pet turtle was like a prehistoric monster, and the hollyhocks pierced heaven itself.

In the vicinity are numerous rock caves, many of them having been used as dwellings in prehistoric times.