/ ˈprɛmjəʃɪp /


  1. the office of premier
    1. a championship competition held among a number of sporting clubs
    2. a victory in such a championship
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Example Sentences

During her premiership, inflation fell from a high of 27 percent in 1975 to 2.5 percent by 1986.

Netanyahu addressed the summit following one of the most historic days of his premiership.

Shamir was returning to the premiership under a power-sharing agreement with Shimon Peres's Labor Party.

There was hardly a voice that did not lament his elevation to the premiership.

There is a new Battle for Britain and winning it will be one of the greatest challenges of David Cameron's premiership.

They think that it is ominous of a future premiership and are almost angry with M. de Talleyrand for showing him attention.

M. de Rigny has determined not to accept the Premiership which they wish to offer him.

During his premiership, the project of imposing internal taxes in America was carried into effect.

At a time when most clever young men of his age were thinking of a scholarship he had finally decided to go in for a premiership.

He was succeeded in the Premiership by his brother the Duke of Newcastle.





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