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/ ˈprɛmɪsɪz /

plural noun

  1. a piece of land together with its buildings, esp considered as a place of business
  2. law
    1. (in a deed, etc) the matters referred to previously; the aforesaid; the foregoing
    2. the introductory part of a grant, conveyance, etc
  3. law (in the US) the part of a bill in equity that states the names of the parties, details of the plaintiff's claims, etc
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Example Sentences

Ben invigorated the Post building just by being in it, just by being on the premises.

Some factories do not employ Muslims on the premises who can oversee the process, Nana said.

Both are prohibited from leaving the premises for security reasons.

The men demanded to be allowed inside, claiming there were reports of minors drinking on the premises.

By late afternoon Thursday, the Boston Police had reportedly cited TD Garden for having intoxicated minors on its premises.

The principal room or "hall" will accommodate about 1,000 persons, the remaining portion of the premises being let off in offices.

Monsieur le Maire,” said he, “I should like to examine the premises, and beg that you will have the kindness to accompany me.

In search of a lost handkerchief, they regained the Clayhanger premises by an unfamiliar side door.

The little man licked his lips appreciatively and returned to the doorway below the premises of Kazmah.

Further, the fittings for them had to be made presumably on the premises of the maestro and not as at present in foreign parts.