[ pren-der-gast, -gahst ]


  1. Maurice Braz·il [braz, -, uh, l], 1859–1924, U.S. painter.

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Example Sentences

And, as Canice Prendergast told us, you also don’t want to allow just anyone to buy the painting, because that anyone might be a speculator who’s only interested in flipping the painting at auction for a large profit.

It’s kind of heartbreaking, what Prendergast suggests — that the art market itself is responsible for the failure of modern artists to have a real impact on society.

When Canice Prendergast talks about the secondary art market, he means auction houses — versus the primary market of galleries and dealers.

So the story that Cappellazzo and Prendergast tell is, again, a story of two markets.

John Prendergast is the founding director of the Enough Project (

John Prendergast is the Founding Director of the Enough Project.

John Prendergast and Akshaya Kumar are Co-Founder and Policy Analyst at the Enough Project.

“They are solutions-oriented people and they work often together on outcomes that advance U.S. interests,” Prendergast said.

After serving alongside Rice during the Clinton administration, John Prendergast finds the criticism of her now surreal.

About eleven o'clock, just as Toler sat down, Prendergast got up to reply, but there was a shout of 'Darcy!

We were so cowed by the sight that I think we should have given the job up if it had not been for Prendergast.

Prendergast then descended into the 'tween decks, and with his own hands cut the throat of the unfortunate surgeon.

Prendergast threw us over a chart, told us that we were shipwrecked mariners whose ship had foundered in lat.

A dozen of the prisoners had hatched it before they came aboard; Prendergast was the leader, and his money was the motive power.