[ prez-bee-oh-pee-uh, pres- ]

  1. farsightedness due to ciliary muscle weakness and loss of elasticity in the crystalline lens.

Origin of presbyopia

1785–95; <Greek presby- (combining form of présbys old, old man) + -opia

Other words from presbyopia

  • pres·by·op·ic [prez-bee-op-ik, pres-], /ˌprɛz biˈɒp ɪk, ˌprɛs-/, adjective

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How to use presbyopia in a sentence

  • Still another defect of vision is known as presbyopia or farsightedness due to old age.

    The Science of Human Nature | William Henry Pyle
  • "Old sight," known as presbyopia, is a common defect of vision in advancing years.

    A Practical Physiology | Albert F. Blaisdell

British Dictionary definitions for presbyopia


/ (ˌprɛzbɪˈəʊpɪə) /

  1. a progressively diminishing ability of the eye to focus, noticeable from middle to old age, caused by loss of elasticity of the crystalline lens

Origin of presbyopia

C18: New Latin, from Greek presbus old man + ōps eye

Derived forms of presbyopia

  • presbyopic (ˌprɛzbɪˈɒpɪk), adjective

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