[ presh-uh-rahyzd ]

  1. brought to and maintained at an atmospheric pressure higher than that of the surroundings: cooking with pressurized steam.

  2. maintained at an air pressure comfortable for breathing: a pressurized cabin and cockpit; a pressurized suit for diving.

  1. Informal. subject or subjected to undue pressure or harassment: the pressurized milieu of big business.

Origin of pressurized

First recorded in 1935–40; pressurize + -ed2

Other words from pressurized

  • un·pres·sur·ized, adjective

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How to use pressurized in a sentence

  • There were ten passengers in the little pressurized cabin of the electric bus that shuttled between the rocket field and Marsport.

    Police Your Planet | Lester del Rey
  • Meanwhile, Charles had covertly examined Lee's booty: a pressurized syringe labeled morphine sulfate sol.

    The Syndic | C.M. Kornbluth
  • He set course for Mojave and was nearly ready to transmit when a bark of static filled the pressurized control bubble.

    A Fine Fix | R. C. Noll
  • Pain shot through Dirrul's mind as he carried Glenna into the pressurized chamber under the control room.

    The Instant of Now | Irving E. Cox, Jr.