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[ pri-zoo-muh-blee ]


  1. by assuming reasonably; probably:

    Since he is a consistent winner, he is presumably a superior player.

    Synonyms: apparently, likely, doubtless


/ prɪˈzjuːməblɪ /


  1. sentence modifier one presumes or supposes that

    presumably he won't see you, if you're leaving tomorrow

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Word History and Origins

Origin of presumably1

First recorded in 1640–50; presumable + -ly

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Example Sentences

Robinhood has shown an impressive ability to raise enormous amounts of capital in the past few weeks to ensure it has the funds needed to allow users to trade and, presumably, provide it with enough cash until it goes public.

That would allow the firm to cancel all its leases and start fresh, presumably only in more viable markets.

All of these hires are presumably preparation for an IPO, which has been rumored for the past few months and intensified after Ryan’s hiring.

Meyer replaces Doug Marrone, who was fired after a 1-15 season that ended with 15 straight losses, and presumably will have sweeping powers over the team’s roster-construction decisions.

When participants were awakened from REM sleep—and presumably while they were in REM sleep just a few minutes earlier—their brains were activating weakly related words eight times more effectively than strongly related words.

Presumably, had the deputies who pinned Saylor wore body cameras, video evidence would have helped determine what happened to him.

If they had passed, presumably mothers who drink during pregnancy could be charged with felonies.

The crowd inside the convention center is very white, fairly old, and presumably decently rich.

Presumably with caroling, though presumably not with “Grandma Got Run Over by a Reindeer.”

President Barack Obama, presumably, would be Mr. Spock, emotionally distant with a cold logic all his own.

An aeroplane had reported that the Goeben had come into the Narrows, presumably to fire over the Peninsula with her big guns.

Further, the fittings for them had to be made presumably on the premises of the maestro and not as at present in foreign parts.

But the rebels, presumably interpreting his humane suggestion as a sign of weakness, continued to fire on the Spanish troops.

In the meantime her father went over to the west side, presumably to call on Mrs. Pruitt.

It may well be that one of these orbs, presumably the smaller, has so far lost temperature that it has ceased to glow.