presumptive positive

[ pri-zuhmp-tiv poz-i-tiv ]
/ prɪˈzʌmp tɪv ˈpɒz ɪ tɪv /
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of or relating to a positive test for a disease or medical condition that was done in a local laboratory, but whose results have not been officially confirmed by a public health agency or organization. An individual whose test result is presumptive positive is nonetheless treated as a confirmed case as a precaution.They detected several presumptive positive cases of infection.
of or relating to a preliminary test indicating the presence of a substance or pathogen, but which requires confirmation by more rigorous laboratory analysis:In testing meat for the presence of harmful salmonella bacteria, presumptive positive meat samples were cultured in a laboratory to confirm any contamination before ordering a recall from stores.A positive drug test in the workplace is usually only presumptive positive, and it requires confirmation by a laboratory before any disciplinary action would be taken against an employee.
a presumptive positive test result.
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Also called pre·sumed pos·i·tive [pri-zoomd-poz-i-tiv] /prɪˈzumd ˈpɒz ɪ tɪv/ .

Origin of presumptive positive

First recorded in 1910–15
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