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[pri-tawr-ee-uh s, -tohr-; Dutch prey-toh-ree-oo s]
  1. An·dries Wil·hel·mus Ja·co·bus [ahn-drees vil-hel-moo s yah-kaw-boo s] /ˈɑn dris vɪlˈhɛl mʊs yɑˈkɔ bʊs/, 1799–1853, and his son Mar·thi·nus Wes·sels [mahr-tee-noo s ves-uh ls] /mɑrˈti nʊs ˈvɛs əls/, 1819–1901, Boer soldiers and statesmen in South Africa.
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Historical Examples of pretorius

  • According to Pretorius, the conference was an unsatisfactory one.

    South Africa and the Transvaal War, Vol. 1 (of 6)

    Louis Creswicke

  • Like the rest of his countrymen, Pretorius would brook no control.

  • The church promised by Pretorius was built in 1841, three years later.

  • Pretorius and his burghers met the Zulu forces at a river then unnamed.

  • Pretorius, however, gave him 48 hours' notice to quit the Republic.

British Dictionary definitions for pretorius


  1. Andries Wilhelmus Jacobus (ˈɑndriːs wɪlˈhɛlmys jaːˈkoːbys). 1799–1853, a Boer leader in the Great Trek (1838) to escape British sovereignty; he also led an expedition to the Transvaal (1848). The town Pretoria was named after him
  2. his son, Marthinus Wessels (marˈtiːnys ˈwɛsəls). 1819–1901, first president of the South African Republic (1857–71) and of the Orange Free State (1859–63)
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