informal excessively or ostentatiously pretty

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Examples from the Web for pretty-pretty

Historical Examples of pretty-pretty

  • "'Pretty-pretty,' substantially," translated the Tyro, recovering himself.

    Little Miss Grouch

    Samuel Hopkins Adams

  • Its notes are harsh and varied, being usually a ti-ti-chee or pretty-pretty.

  • Had this audaciously handsome man a cult for the pretty-pretty?

    December Love

    Robert Hichens

  • Both Mr. and Mrs. Hallward eschew the "pretty-pretty" type, and are bent on producing really "decorative" pages.

  • As I expected, he was just a silly old man, a diatomaniac fond of pretty-pretty slides and not a scientific man at all.

    The Journal of a Disappointed Man

    Wilhelm Nero Pilate Barbellion