[vur-zhuhn, -shuhn]
  1. a particular account of some matter, as from one person or source, contrasted with some other account: two different versions of the accident.
  2. a particular form or variant of something: a modern version of an antique.
  3. a translation.
  4. (often initial capital letter) a translation of the Bible or a part of it.
  5. Medicine/Medical. the act of turning a child in the uterus so as to bring it into a more favorable position for delivery.
  6. Pathology. an abnormal direction of the axis of the uterus or other organ.

Origin of version

1575–85; < Latin versiōn- (stem of versiō) a turning, equivalent to vers(us) (past participle of vertere to turn; see verse) + -iōn- -ion
Related formsver·sion·al, adjectivepre·ver·sion, noun

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British Dictionary definitions for preversion


  1. an account of a matter from a certain point of view, as contrasted with othershis version of the accident is different from the policeman's
  2. a translation, esp of the Bible, from one language into another
  3. a variant form of something; type
  4. an adaptation, as of a book or play into a film
  5. med manual turning of a fetus to correct an irregular position within the uterus
  6. pathol an abnormal displacement of the uterus characterized by a tilting forwards (anteversion), backwards (retroversion), or to either side (lateroversion)
Derived Formsversional, adjective

Word Origin for version

C16: from Medieval Latin versiō a turning, from Latin vertere to turn
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Word Origin and History for preversion



1580s, "a translation," from Middle French version, from Medieval Latin versionem (nominative versio) "a turning," from past participle stem of Latin vertere "to turn" (see versus). Also with a Middle English sense of "destruction;" the meaning "particular form of a description" is first attested 1788.

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preversion in Medicine


[vûrzhən, -shən]
  1. Deflection of an organ, such as the uterus, from its normal position.
  2. The changing of position of the fetus in the uterus, either spontaneously or as a result of manipulation.
  3. The conjugate rotation of the eyes in the same direction.
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