[ prey-voh ]

  1. Mar·cel [mar-sel], /marˈsɛl/, 1862–1941, French novelist and dramatist.

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How to use Prévost in a sentence

  • Nearly one hundred guns, which had been mounted by Prevost, as we have said, gave back their tremendous explosions.

  • It was a disagreeable surprise to Mrs. Prevost when she heard who her visitor was.

    The Sweep Winner | Nat Gould
  • Glen Leigh little knew the storm of feeling he had raised in Mrs. Prevost.

    The Sweep Winner | Nat Gould
  • He considered Mrs. Prevost a useful adjunct to his visits to Sydney.

    The Sweep Winner | Nat Gould
  • Rage was surging up in him, not against Mrs. Prevost, but against Bellshaw.

    The Sweep Winner | Nat Gould