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[ prahyd-fuhl ]


  1. thinking too highly of oneself; conceited, arrogant, or overconfident:

    I was too bitter and prideful and didn't think I needed the Addiction Recovery meetings, so I didn’t go.

  2. full of a legitimate sense of self-worth or satisfaction because of one’s own or another’s accomplishment:

    It is a prideful moment for us as we congratulate our friend, one of ten winners of the annual Worldwide Robotics contest.

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Other Words From

  • pride·ful·ly adverb
  • pride·ful·ness noun
  • un·pride·ful adjective
  • un·pride·ful·ly adverb

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Example Sentences

That message of inclusion and pride was both shown and told at the Democratic convention the week before.

Parents have pride in their neighborhoods even if the teachers there do not live, shop or educate their own children in the neighborhood in which they work.

A third says “Joe,” incorporating colors from the pride flag.

From Fortune

Nevertheless, with great self-confidence and pride, I answered him.

From Fortune

I actually take pride in being attacked by both and having fans on both the left and the right, it means a lot to me.

From Ozy

His harshest words of criticism were aimed at those who were prideful.

An early Zionist leader, prideful, pugnacious, Ussishkin headed the Jewish National Fund for nearly 20 years.

Instead, it is prideful ignorance—an eagerness to go off the fiscal cliff to show the world that gravity does not exist.

One of the central reasons entrepreneurial capitalism works well is that humans are a prideful species.

But they were safe, and in a prideful, self-conscious, young-mother way she began to wash the five.

She had spoken with a defensive tone, one hardly certain, but as she finished a prideful note crept into her voice.

"You can revile me as much as you like now, Nan," he said, with prideful humility.

To himself, as already stated, the latter took prideful credit for results achieved and results promised.

I am not speaking sarcastically, my point is not a chauvinistic one, not even hemispherically prideful.


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