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primary care


  1. medical care by a physician, or other healthcare professional, who is the patient's first contact with the healthcare system and who may recommend a specialist if necessary.

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Other Words From

  • primary-care adjective

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Word History and Origins

Origin of primary care1

First recorded in 1970–75

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Example Sentences

In the US, for example, the ones who’d get those notifications would have smartphones, have email addresses, would already have a primary care provider.

He tried to make an appointment with his primary care doctor, but the office was booked out a week.

Research showed that visits to primary care doctors and specialists dropped precipitously in the spring and summer.

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You have to have people’s primary care physicians recommending they should participate in trials, not a politician.

We have seen the medical home rate — the number of kids who have a primary care doctor — in the 93 percent range, which is incredibly rare for a population with this level of poverty and unemployment.

The same test was also recommended by my new primary-care doctor, another “in-network” provider.

Poppy Morgan went to her primary care doctor in 2010 because she desperately wanted to take a risk.

So then why end up here versus the primary care equivalent of a Midas for a simple checkup?

When you have a good primary care physician, he is always there for you.

Therefore, the insurer is paying your primary care doctor $72 a year per patient—out of the $7,200 a year paid to the insurer.

Our primary care must be to keep the habits of the mind flexible and adapted to the movement of real life.

It is but an instinct—the primary care of their lives—the secret spring of their power.





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