/ ˈprɪməz /

plural noun

  1. informal.
    the youngest class in a primary school

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Example Sentences

Through his aunt, Rüdiger received books from his father, such as primers on how to learn English.

When it comes to figuring out crucial lessons of human behavior, timeless works of fiction are unparalleled primers.

Primers were tried in different forms called “detonators,” but the familiar little copper cap was the most popular.

We pursued them, and turned their own guns upon them; but having no friction primers, we could not use them to advantage.

This is the halcyon period of primers, introductions, handbooks, manuals.

What a pity it is that the University Press of to-day has become a trading concern, a shop for twopenny manuals and penny primers!

They were fitted with hair triggers and friction primers, and thirty feet of lanyard attached to the triggers connected the keys.





primeroprime the pump