primum mobile

[ pree-moom -moh-bi-le; English prahy-muhm -mob-uh-lee, pree- ]
/ ˈpri mʊm ˈmoʊ bɪˌlɛ; English ˈpraɪ məm ˈmɒb əˌli, ˈpri- /
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noun Latin.
(in Ptolemaic astronomy) the outermost of the 10 concentric spheres of the universe, making a complete revolution every 24 hours and causing all the others to do likewise.
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Origin of primum mobile

Literally, “first moving (thing)”
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How to use primum mobile in a sentence

British Dictionary definitions for primum mobile

primum mobile
/ Latin (ˈpraɪmʊm ˈməʊbɪlɪ) /

a prime mover
astronomy the outermost empty sphere in the Ptolemaic system that was thought to revolve around the earth from east to west in 24 hours carrying with it the inner spheres of the planets, sun, moon, and fixed stars

Word Origin for primum mobile

C15: from Medieval Latin: first moving (thing)
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