Prince Charming

  1. (sometimes lowercase) a man who embodies a woman's romantic ideal.

  2. a man who avidly seeks the attention and affections of women; ladies' man.

Origin of Prince Charming

1840–50; on the pattern of earlier King Charming, ultimately translation (with word order unchanged) of French Roi Charmant, the hero of a fairy tale by the Comtesse Marie-Catherine d'Aulnoy (circa 1650–1705)

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How to use Prince Charming in a sentence

  • Her one thought was to have all the beautiful clothes ready before the arrival of Prince Charming at court.

  • Prince Charming turned away his eyes; the Queen tried to persuade him that the Princess pleased him very much.

  • Florine reddened, and looked so beautiful, so beautiful, that Prince Charming forgot himself.

  • Prince Charming understood the motives of the Queen in speaking of Florine in this way.

  • The Queen in the meantime gave Prince Charming all the jewels he could wish for, and lavished her attention on him.