[ prin-sis, -ses, prin-ses ]
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  1. a nonreigning female member of a royal family.

  2. History/Historical. a female sovereign or monarch; queen.

  1. the consort of a prince.

  2. (in Great Britain) a daughter or granddaughter (if the child of a son) of a king or queen.

  3. a woman considered to have the qualities or characteristics of a princess.

  1. Also princesse. (of a woman's dress, coat, or the like) styled with a close-fitting bodice and flared skirt, cut in single pieces, as gores, from shoulder to hem.

Origin of princess

1350–1400; Middle English princesse<Middle French. See prince, -ess

usage note For princess

See -ess.

Other words from princess

  • prin·cess·like, adjective
  • prin·cess·ly, adjective Unabridged Based on the Random House Unabridged Dictionary, © Random House, Inc. 2024

How to use princess in a sentence

  • How delightful to avoid the commonplace Pharaohs, Ethiopian princesses, poisoned cups, and all the rest of these dolls tales!

  • Kings and princes had sought for his friendship; queens and princesses had lavished on him their sweetest smiles.

    Chicot the Jester | Alexandre Dumas, Pere
  • The young Princesses, her daughters, had charms besides those of their beauty.

  • Sometime during the year a list of marriageable princesses was prepared by the Emperor's orders.

    The Life of Napoleon Bonaparte | William Milligan Sloane
  • Accordingly he placed himself behind the door of the princesses' room, with the twelve bouquets in a basket.

British Dictionary definitions for princess


/ (prɪnˈsɛs) /

  1. (in Britain) a daughter of the sovereign or of one of the sovereign's sons

  2. a nonreigning female member of a sovereign family

  1. the wife and consort of a prince

  2. any very attractive or outstanding woman

  3. Also called: princess dress, princess line a style of dress with a fitted bodice and an A-line skirt that is shaped by seams from shoulder to hem without a seam at the waistline

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