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[ prin-suh-puh-lee, -sip-lee ]


  1. chiefly; mainly.

    Synonyms: primarily


/ ˈprɪnsɪpəlɪ /


  1. mainly or most importantly

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Word History and Origins

Origin of principally1

Middle English word dating back to 1300–50; principal, -ly

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Example Sentences

“They’re all designed principally to avert your becoming seriously ill, and that’s the major point,” he says.

Staying alive means, principally, rent, and median rent in the United States is up some 42%, adjusted for inflation, since 2000.

Known principally as a photographer, Hasbun represents momentous journeys with pictures and a video of paper boats, as well as an installation of dozens of such crafts.

The “big is bad” approach burst onto the legal academic scene a couple of years ago, principally through a Yale Law Journal article by Lina Khan, a London-born academic who got her law degree in 2017 after graduating from Williams College in 2010.

From Fortune

Governments principally use social media platforms to reach out to their domestic audience.

From Ozy

There was a logic to it – many of the wines were from the Pacific Northwest, principally from Oregon and Washington state.

A Different World [a Cosby Show spinoff] was principally about that college.

The shared view in the region is that Iraq is principally an obsession of the U.S.

He continued to live in Greenwich Village in an apartment furnished principally with books and empty orange crates.

Obamacare  is principally designed for the 48 million uninsured Americans.

Shortly afterwards a few acceptances were reported, principally against securities.

It was principally confined to the lower classes, and was common among soldiers and sailors.

This enactment was due principally to the railway accidents that occurred.

This island, like Number 1, which we visited in 1819, appears to be principally of quartzose formation.

It is in this way that lime, which occurs in the soil principally as the insoluble carbonate, is dissolved and absorbed.


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