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[ prin-suh-puhld ]


  1. imbued with or having moral principles (often used in combination):



/ ˈprɪnsɪpəld /


    1. having high moral principles
    2. ( in combination )


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Other Words From

  • mis·princi·pled adjective
  • non·princi·pled adjective
  • well-princi·pled adjective

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Word History and Origins

Origin of principled1

First recorded in 1635–45; principle + -ed 3

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Example Sentences

When your party is based around a cult of personality, it makes it really hard to take a principled stand.

It is our view that the best way to improve the council is to engage with it and its members in a principled fashion.

In the 1970s, you had these very principled liberal senators from the most unlikely places, like Idaho, Iowa and South Dakota.

Events such as the Peace to Prosperity workshop, held in June of last year, underscore Bahrain’s principled commitment to building a durable peace that advances the livelihoods of everyone, including the Palestinian people.

From Fortune

That will be the test of if they are just jumping ship because it looks bad to be associated with the agency now or if they are actually principled.

From Digiday

A principled GOP could,” said the Senator, “find people on both left and right to cooperate on issues.

He developed a reputation for principled independence that others sometimes saw as arrogance.

“We hope that the release of this exam will address the principled confusion that the new framework produced,” Coleman wrote.

It is a call to be principled and practical at the same time.

Yes, Katniss is brave, strong, and principled, but she is not purely good, or unrealistically selfless.

It was his father's mouth; it was the nose and eyes of her own mother's people—good-looking, weak-principled folk.

Those who are principled in love truly conjugial, are sensible of their being a united man, and as it were one flesh.

That the case is reversed with those who are not principled in conjugial love, is well known.

Those who are principled in love truly conjugial, are sensible of their being a united man, as it were one flesh, n. 178.

The evil in which every one is principled, is imputed to him after death; and so also the good, n. 524.





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