print out


  1. (of a computer output device, such as a line printer) to produce (printed information)


  1. such printed information

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Example Sentences

Laying down several layers, he reasoned, would allow one effectively to print out a small part.

A print-out of your kiss can also be customized with different shades of Burberry lipstick.

I heard you make your assistant print out the Internet for you.

We had to print out the words in the letters we wrote her so that she could read them.

The reader may take the incident, if he will, as a warning against the reading of print out of doors.

Of course no one answered, and, as Tom had taken the precaution to print out the letter, his handwriting was not recognized.

As he now began to print out the Latin exercise he used, in part, letters that sloped forward, and others that sloped backward.

After a minute I went and pressed the print out flat upon the table, on which my fathers arm was leaning.