[ prahy-uhs ]


  1. (in prescriptions) before; former.



[ pree-uhs ]


, Trademark.
, plural Prius, Prii [pree, -ahy].
  1. a brand of hybrid car, one of the first commercially successful, that runs at lower speeds on an electric motor powered by a battery pack, and at higher speeds on a gasoline engine, which can also recharge the battery.

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Word History and Origins

Origin of prius1

Borrowed into English from Latin around 1890–95

Origin of prius2

1997; from the Latin prius meaning “coming before”; also related to such English words as “prior” and “primary”

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Example Sentences

Hybrid-electric aircraft will soon kick off a new era of cleaner air travel, just as the pioneering Toyota Prius heralded the start of the electric car movement 20 years ago.

From Axios

Buying a Prius or Tesla isn’t enough to really bring down levels of carbon in the atmosphere.

The intention is to start with its autonomous Toyota Prius vehicles in one city and one partner in the early part of 2021, Nuro’s chief legal and policy officer David Estrada said.

The pilot, which initially used Toyota Prius vehicles, transitioned to its R1 delivery bot.

Some of Nuro’s first tests and pilots were with Toyota Prius vehicles equipped with its self-driving system.

I drive a Prius, enjoy Vanilla lattes, and am married to a man.

He offers that his Prius-driving friends might go home and eat steaks, so who is anyone to judge?

May they all stand in a puddle and stick their tongues in a Prius charge port.

This argument makes about as much sense as saying that the recent death of actress Lauren Bacall means you should buy a Prius.

She was a cooing and cherubic mini-avatar called Anima, which players earned after reaching a certain level in the game Prius.

Dederat ipse in mdatis, vt antiquo in monumto c demortua prius familia (qu scieb paganic obijsse) sepeliretur.

The judges of assize, by virtue of their commission of nisi prius, try the causes thus appointed.

Rem penitus explorabo; prius, enim digito tangam, ait uxor, quam dormivero.

In August, 1837, the case was brought down to trial at Nisi Prius, and a verdict entered for plaintiff at one-shilling damages.

Ad tumulum itaque ducatum postulauit, in quo prius mucronem experientissimum occultauerat.