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private enterprise

private enterprise


  1. economic activity undertaken by private individuals or organizations under private ownership Compare public enterprise
  2. another name for capitalism

private enterprise

  1. Business carried on for profit and not owned by the government; also, the system that discourages public ownership of business; the same as free enterprise . ( See private sector .)

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Word History and Origins

Origin of private enterprise1

First recorded in 1835–45

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Example Sentences

There are many private enterprises, including concert venues, gyms, workplaces, universities, that want to create safe environments where people can be unmasked, but that only works if they are vaccinated.

With her own private enterprise and those connections, she was able to beat Costco or Total Wines or whatever.

From Vox

The private sector is the engine of global change, and action and success will depend on harnessing the power of private enterprise.

The new administration should embrace this revolution — and bring the power of private enterprise to bear in crossing the next cosmic frontier.

The organization will create reports, make recommendations and raise the “big questions” about living in and exploring space to governments and private enterprise.

From Ozy

She prized the individual over the collective, and private enterprise over state intervention.

For good reason, almost all government agencies already operate far more openly than the typical private enterprise.

Abramoff describes his lobbying career as an expression of his zeal to keep government “off the back” of private enterprise.

But to conservatives, this meant big government meddling in private enterprise.

Finally, they must accept the fact that only private enterprise can create jobs—more stimulus money is not the answer.

I know of no other private enterprise that so truly represents the skill, aptitude, and energy of American genius.

And it is no less certain that this growth of resources is due to private enterprise.

It costs the Government from 50 percent more to twice as much as it would private enterprise to put water on the land (applause).

For this reason forestry is by nature less suited for private enterprise.

Private enterprise is dying, being slowly killed by Government competition.





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