private equity fund

[ prahy-vit ek-wi-tee fuhnd ]


  1. an investment partnership that invests directly in private companies, with a profit objective based on the long-term potential.

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Word History and Origins

Origin of private equity fund1

First recorded in 1990–95

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Example Sentences

Both companies are merging into one following prior majority investments from private equity funds managed by Blackstone.

From Digiday

The first fund, known as Knife Capital Fund I or HBD Venture Capital, was a closed private equity fund managed by Eben van Heerden and Keet van Zyl.

It also introduced Smith to Brockman’s business model, one that Smith would use as a template at the software companies his private equity funds would buy and sell.

One requirement was that Smith keep half of his earnings from their private equity fund in an offshore account.

Only two years in, the private equity fund had made back most of its $205 million investment.

This makes perfect sense given Governor Romney's background in private equity fund formation.

"It's the culture of success," says Jeffrey Leeds, president of Leeds Equity Partners, a private-equity fund.

And he basically didn't know the difference between a hedge fund and a private equity fund.

A feeder fund, unlike a hedge or private-equity fund, does not manage investments.

Flowers created his first private equity fund in 2002 and today the JC Flowers II Fund has $7 billion under management.





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